Eco Tourism


Environmental tourism has flourished in Jordan recently, and the local community has been involved in the protection of nature with small and medium-sized income-producing crafts in several regions to create sustainable economic development. This kind of tourism has provided employment opportunities for hundreds of people. The country has many handicraft workshops such as silver jewelry, olive oil soap, jams, embroidery, ceramics, herbal tea, drawing on ostrich eggs, goatskin skin products and more. In addition, the country is dotted with cafes and eco-restaurants offering organic organic food .


Jordan has a unique inn in the region, the Finnan Environmental Inn , which has recently been ranked among the top five buildings in the world.  This unique building was built in 2005 by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature, the first of its kind in Jordan. It carries the style and design of the historical caravans that were scattered along the Silk Road .  It has been designed in an environmentally friendly way, using solar energy to illuminate its basic facilities, while candles are used for lighting a quiet night in Wadi Araba desert.