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jordan has a lot to offer to those seeking relaxation and a good dose of pampering.In Jordan , there are many water pools mineral and waterfalls warm scattered in different areas, the most important Ma'in and bathrooms Sokhna in the Dead Sea (in the governorate of Madaba Central Jordan), bathrooms Afra baths Alberbith (in Tafila in southern Jordan), and springs Jordan Hamma baths North Barn (In Irbid governorate, northern Jordan).

As is the area of the Dead Sea of the most important tourist areas of environmental recovery in the world, featuring a range of natural factors that make them enjoy a competitive position in the region in the field of medical tourism and hospitalization due to its unique climatic characteristics of both itself on being free of moisture , and features the sulphurous eyes Has made him eligible to treat many diseases, especially the skin, which are widespread, where the number of infected in Europe to 25 million patients, in addition to the treatment of rheumatoid . Thus, the Dead Sea has acquired important elements of attraction not only in the tourism of the hospital, but also distinguished in tourism tourism and environmental tourism.


For Maeen Baths , it is located in Madaba governorate, 58 km south of Amman . The area is 120 meters below sea level. It is the largest resort therapeutic resort in the Middle East . [67] is famous for its natural resorts and clinics that provide treatment for people with skin diseases , circulatory diseases , bone, joint, back and muscle pain. Where Ma'in is located at the foot of a ravine 150 meters drop from the surface of the sea, towering mountains Tznrh dark - colored by geothermal heat, making its hot water rocks motorcycleTo pour out eyes and waterfalls. Visiting up to Ma'in through different ways in the shadows of waterfalls built a multi - layered 1987. The hotel leads the resort tourists with a view to hospitalization treatment or in order to rest and recuperation of mineral waters that heal many incurable and chronic diseases, and showers with mineral water and hot mud of the Dead Sea and enjoy the multipurpose 's Dead Sea. The resort is mediated by a tourist village with chalets, a natural pool, sauna rooms and a swimming pool. Ma'in waterfalls descend from the top of the mountain and make their zigzags complement the water that penetrates the positive reserve towards the Dead Sea through an extension to the Ma'in Mountains area hotels across the known hot waters Alzara

Located Afra Falls 26 km north of the city of Tafila in southern Jordan. The hot water springs from more than 15 sources or springs; average temperatures range between 45 - 48º C to form waterfalls and waterfalls that accumulate in pools of mineral water.The Afra Spa is one of the most important destinations for domestic tourism in Jordan. It has a tourist services center and medical clinics for medical tourism. It has unique therapeutic properties for infertility, arteriosclerosis, anemia, rheumatism and other chronic diseases. The site also has a service center for the hikers. Afra is the most powerful water flowing from other mineral waters in Jordan, so it has been highlighted in terms of studies, research and experiments that proved its ability to treat many chronic and intractable diseases. Studies indicate that the site was historically used for treatment purposes long ago, beginning with the Roman era , where it was taking advantage of the therapeutic advantage of water over the people. The site has a historical religious importance represented in the shrine of the son of Amr al-Lezami, The first martyr in Islam outside the Arabian Peninsula of the Levant , in addition to the presence of the Byzantine church consisting of three caves inside the site.  As for the baths of Barbita , it is located in the southern part of Wadi Al-Hasa before meeting with Wadi Afra , north of Tafila, in the south of Jordan. A moderate heat as it reaches the degree of water temperature to 49 ° m; and contains several types of salts and minerals such as: chloride , hydrogen sulfide , so it is characterized by high therapeutic effectiveness. Its water originates from the carbonic sand rocks of the Lower Cretaceous period and this layer is topped by a layer of gravel in the form of modern deposits.


Irbid governorate includes the springs of Hamma and the northern Shunah . The Jordan Valley is located on the Yarmouk River , the southernmost part of the Golan Heights , about 100 kilometers north of Amman , and 156 meters below sea level. It is one of the most important treatment and tourism sites in Jordan. It is famous for its hot water that comes out of the ground. This water is composed of mineral salts and rare natural materials in the world. A resort has been set up to provide all tourist and therapeutic services, including men's swimming pools, a closed swimming pool for women, a children's three, booths, umbrellas, health units for men and women and chalets.