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Filled with ancient archeological sites, Jordan’s mountains and deserts are fast becoming a top destination for adventurous cyclists. Whether you’re in search of wild ungroomed trails, routes to take in Jordan’s many canyons, cliffs, streams and low-slung forests, or you simply want to experience the dramatic road climbs and descents Tailor made biking (on and off road) programs for those who love a real adventure, all while experiencing Jordan's nature and its magnificent beauty. Spend an amazing time exploring magnificent mountains, visiting abundant wildlife and many more of Jordan's great sites such as Jerash, Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum.


We specialize in adventure and experiential tours in jordan, offering hiking, biking and experiential sightseeing tours. Our guides are local experts who will take you off the beaten path, to see the real highlights of the region, meet the people, experience their hospitality, and taste delicious food. We're here to create the perfect trip for you!